When I first started blogging I told my friends, “…as long as my readers never ask for beauty advice I may be good at this.” Well, you have asked many times and I have been trying to pretend I did’t see it. Bad blogger, I know. So today I decided it is time to bite the bullet. Also, my beau (AKA my photographer) is in China all week so this week may be outfit post light …whatever it takes, right?!

After befriending some amazing beauty bloggers (Lara and Kara), pinning inspiration on my Pinterest Beauty Board and attending many beauty events (see here and here) in my almost two years of blogging I think I have now found some items, I will not be able to live without this spring/summer, worth blogging about…

First and foremost, the Clarisonic Mia Travel Kit (which I got in pink – shocker – but there are tons of color options). You have all heard about it but, for most of you, the price seemed a bit much for a little thing that just cleans your face. What makes it so special? That you never knew how much makeup and dirt was left behind on your face by other items/products that “clean” until you use your Clarisonic. As someone who has been in an epic fight with her skin since childhood (my skin has won many of the battles but I am determined to win the war), I can honestly say to you this has been one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. My skin is smoother, calmer and over all just clean-er. There are different brush heads for different skin types – I got the sensitive skin brush. Also, I use Cetaphil for sensitive skin with it (Clarisonic also have cleansers I have heard great things about) morning and night.

Second, the Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer. I have been using it for several weeks now but was already in love from the moment I put my first layer on. It just gives your face that dewey glow (note: not sparkle) we all hope we get naturally in the spring/summer (but need some help with) and I am sure I will love it for winter time when my face needs a pick-me-up. Also, my makeup lasts much longer (dare I say… all day).

Next up, the Laura Mercier (I am sure you are noticing a pattern of  the makeup line I am drawn to) Mosaic Shimmer Bloc in Peach. To add a bit more shimmer and tan (hello built in bronzer) to my face, I use their fan brush to swipe this just above the cheek bone and brush a bit where the sun hits your face (forehead, tip of nose and chin). Seriously a game changer for me. Less of a matte look and more of a dewey glow.

Lastly, two lip colors I have fallen in love with for spring/summer: Revlon’s Lipstick in Orange Flip and NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage. You have seen me in both for several outfit posts now, but I think they deserved some recognition all their own.

I took pictures of all of these items so that you can see their true colors and look. Stock photos do no good to me when I am looking at lipsticks and other products. I hope all of these items in natural light, with no color/photo adjustment, help you.

So there you have it, beauty from a girl who does not claim to be an expert (and probably never will). I hope this helps some of you still looking to add to your spring/summer beauty bag and perhaps give some of you the inspiration to bite the bullet and try those items you have been wondering about.


Since the camera was out I could not resist…


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having a full on beauty swoon! all looks fabulous – you should do it more often :)


I’m loving this post Lacey – thanks for sharing your beauty discoveries with us…really think I need that Clarisonic tool now! :)


Fabulous tips that I can’t wait to try– plus your dog is ADORABLE!! I love puggies :)


Congrats on a useful, thoughtful, and helpful post! And on taking the beauty plunge. Never mind that you are now the 100Kth person to recommend the effin Clarsonic…sigh. Can we say WW goal reward?


HAHA! Thank you so much!

Lacey :)


Your pug is TOO CUTE and I just love my clarisonic as well. Hope your week is going well! xo


Fantastic post! I swear by my Mia!!


I really want to try the Revlon lipstick!!!


Nars is my favorite blush. Love it.



Amen sister! Clairsonic is the bomb. And Laura mercier. Loveeeee! !


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