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A Lacey Perspective: Flowers & Beauty

This post was sponsored by Costco, P&G, and Style Coalition . Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.

Did you know you can purchase upscale beauty brands at Costco?! I was totally shocked when I walked in and saw the likes of Pantene, Gillette, Olay, etc!

As a loyal Costco member, I have my routine down and refuse to go to any other wholesale clubs.. I start at the flowers, head to the wine and then round out my trip at the cheese section (judge away). Now knowing there are award winning beauty products I have added the beauty section to my routine.

During my most recent trip I may have gotten a bit distracted by the beautiful flowers, fruit and giant boxes of crackers (my cheese obsession was happy about that) but I had to make sure I walked through the beauty section to check out some of their great beauty products.

I was happy to find Pantene Essentials Botanicals which smells so tropical with the scent of Indian cassia and purple fig and after using I can say it makes my hair feel so soft! Another great find was the Venus Swirl Razor! It really surprised me with how precise  it is with the “flexiball”.  It truly is where all the magic happens, ladies. Lastly, the Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 is just what your husband needs to perfect the transition from winter to spring helping him restore his scalp’s natural moisture after this brutal winter we have been having here in DC.

So what’s our lesson today, ALPers? That when you are in a Costco don’t forget to check out that beauty section. Thank me later. ;)