Do you have questions or comments? Do you need help on what to wear to that event? Do you need to know if those shoes I always wear are comfortable and worth the extra cash? Or are interested in partnering with, or advertising on, A Lacey Perspective?

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  1. jodi Walsh

    If you haven’t drop by Upstairs on 7th (555 12th Street NW in the lobby) you are in for a surprise. When I wear her clothes people always stop me on the street to ask where I shop. For conservative DC that is very unusual – OK unheard of.
    jodi Walsh

  2. Ly

    Hi Lacey!
    I absolutely love your blog and I’m thinking about starting my own. I wasn’t sure where to contact you, so I’ll just leave my questions here: what would you suggest for an aspiring fashion blogger? I’ve heard conflicting views about Tumblr verse blogspot verse wordpress etc, but I’d love to hear the opinion of an experienced blogger. Also, do you have any tips for a starter?
    L. Pham

  3. Parris Hodges

    Hello Lacey!

    I have been a long time reader of your amazing little blog, and I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Parris Hodges, and recently my best friend I started our own company called Pams & Kin ( where we have created our own line of nail polish. As you know, the first months and years are the hardest to really get our name and brand out there. We know (as we both are very active followers of you) your influence you have in the fashion world and we are interested in sending you some of of product to try and test out for yourself. Then, if it’s something you like, we’d love to sit down and collaborate with you on creating a few colors especially for you.

    If this interests you in any way, please contact us back.

    Best Wishes,
    Parris Hodges & Kiri Jones

  4. Lani


    We’re huge fans of A Lacey Perspective and wanted to reach out. We noticed you had a blog roll and would love to have our handbag blog included on your list. In fact, if you’re willing to add our site to your blog roll, we’d love to send you a Free $25 Gift Card towards any handbag we sell on our site as our way of saying thank you. Just add the following info to your blog roll and send me an email, I’ll shoot over the $25 Gift Card via email.

    Anchor Keyword: Handbag Blog

    Thanks again,

  5. Anne August

    Lacy, who makes that purple/pinkish
    dress ? Did you get this recently ? Please write me back, my husband loves this dress for me

  6. Laura Leigh

    I just had to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and check it weekly if not daily! Currently obsessing over your Playing in the snow outfit – so adorable! Your blog is great inspiration
    Have a blog of my own that I started about a year ago – aiming to post a lot more frequently and hopefully inspire people the way you do! Keep the awesome posts coming :)

  7. Lisa Wong

    Hi Lacey,

    Love your blog! It’s my favorite. On your “about me” section where did you get that white dress? I am getting married this year in Florida and that would be cute for the rehearsal dinner. Please let me know!

    Best, Lisa


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