Digestive Health for the Holidays

Ok guys. Real talk. We all know the holidays (That are literally right around the corner can you believe it?!) are the time to eat, drink and be merry. From the Thanksgiving Feast to the fish on Christmas Eve (an Italian tradition) we all know what is coming. Then even between the big holidays let us not forget how the cold weather has you aching for those fuller, bulkier meals that make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

So before we barrel down the holidays’ rollercoaster I wanted to share a couple tips to help get your digestive system back on track before and after those food-based celebrations…

A Lacey Perspective: Digestive Health for the Holidays

Stay Hydrated

I know. I know. We hear this ALL the time, but you hear it all the time for a reason. Keep yourself hydrated this winter and especially after your really big meals this holiday season. The more you hydrate the easier your digestive system can process your food and help it pass.

Eat on Schedule

Now this one I know will be crazy hard for the holiday season but stick with me here. Yes I know you can’t control when your family wants their celebratory meals to begin but before and after those meals (I’m talking at least a week before and after) try to eat consistently. I try to sit down to breakfast, lunch and dinner consistently. This helps your digestive system not only find its groove again but is overall good for it’s long-term health.

Use The Right Medication to Relieve Symptoms

We have all been there where you ate way too much for Thanksgiving and you need some assistance. Enter my BJ’s Wholesale Club purchases before the holiday season even begins. Not only for myself, but also for any guests that may be over! You want to have these handy and at the ready (and in bulk doesn’t hurt either). My three go-tos from BJ’s are Pepcid Complete All-Day Heartburn Symptom Relief Tablets (Get the berry flavored.), Tums Smoothies Assorted Fruit Flavor Chewable Tablets and Pepto Bismol Ultra Liquid 3 pack. You and your guests can thank me later.

A Lacey Perspective: Digestive Health for the Holidays

Skip Excessive Caffeine

Trust me I knowwwww we all need our daily caffeine but try not to go overboard, this can interfere with the functioning of your digestive system.

Manage Stress

Easier said than done but let’s keep the stress down as much as possible. Stress can send your digestive system into overdrive.

Digestive Health for the Holidays

Skip Alcohol

Similar to coffee, let’s keep this down to a minimum before and after your big holiday bashes. Over indulging can cause things like stomach ulcers and heartburn.

BJs Wholesale


Grab those new sneakers your mom got you for the holidays and hit the gym. This not only helps reduce stress (So a two for one!) but also helps keep the digestive system moving food through.

This post was sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.


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Thank you for the tips! Eating small amounts, bites, is my way to stay away from trouble.


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