As I have said many times in the past, my number one beauty question I get is about my hair. I have been trying to implement more hair content into the site and the easiest way to do that is with my FAVE hairstylist in DC (and the only woman I allow to touch these locks), Jamie of Haute.202! While I was sitting in her chair the other day we were discussing how to maintain my highlights, what questions should people be asking and what you need to know before highlighting your hair (whether it is your first time or your millionth)…

1. What technique should I look for/ask about before I go in for a highlight that will make it more natural when it grows out?
Balayage highlights are a good option for those who are low maintenance, but need to be okay with a more natural root without highlights going all the way to the scalp. Also, balayage highlights are not for those looking for platinum highlights, but of a sun kissed look.

Another option for those looking for a bright blonde or highlights to the root is adding a lowlight that is closer to your natural color. This way you have more of a blend instead of a harsh line of regrowth growing in. You must also consult a professional hair stylist to get the best advice on the subject. Schedule an appointment with the salon scheduling software and leave everything to the expert hands of the professionals.

2. What’s the best way to up keep my highlights?
Highlights can dry your hair out, so a good moisturizing conditioner or a treatment mask weekly is a good idea. This is a good tip for curly girl.

For those whose highlights tend to pull brassy/gold, try a purple shampoo (Clairol Shimmer Lights) to your routine once or twice a week. This will tone the hair without having to come into the salon for a touch up. Though there are top 6 reasons to choose natural hair extensions.

3. What highlighting technique is best for me?
I would suggest seeing your stylist for a consultation to discuss options. There are several different techniques and many times you can use more than one to achieve the look you’re going for.

4. What is a better way to explain the blonde shade I want?
The best way to explain the shade of blonde you’re looking for is to bring photos in of the color you desire. This eliminates confusion because people see color differently. Your stylist will understand if you’re looking for more of a cool or golden tone and know what looks best with your skin tone!

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I love this post, I wish I could have read it before I decided to bleach my hair several times! :)

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