Pug Puppy

After Lucy passed in May of last year I knew I didn’t want to get a new pug very quickly. I also knew I didn’t want to get another pug that looks like Lucy. So, I started to think about getting a black female pug so that I still get that pug love without the feeling of replacing Lucy. Around my birthday last year, August, I received an email from my husband that said “I’ve done my research on breeders and I think it’s time to start looking for her…” I burst into tears and knew he was right…

Name: Daisy Lucille Faeh

I always knew I wanted a pug named Daisy. Her middle name Lucille is after our pug who passed last year whose full name was Princess Lucille Zoey (AKA. Lucy).

Nicknames: Daisy Lu, Daisy Duke and Mama’s Girl.

Purchase Story: Although my husband’s email arrived in August it was quite the journey before Daisy waddled into our home. After lots of research James and I agreed on Howling Hills a little over an hour outside of DC. 

From the moment we put our deposit down for a black female pug to when we picked her up was a total of five months. The litters were either fawn or all male and we were willing to be patient for exactly what we wanted. She was worth every day we waited. When there were finally two to choose from, we received pictures and instantly knew which one was our Daisy.

Birthday: November 16th, 2018

Age: 10 weeks old

Favorite Person: Mom, of course.

Training Language: English but we are starting to notice she is catching on to Tyler’s commands language of choice, Spanish.

Favorite Dog Food: BJ’s Exclusive Berkley Jensen All-Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Holistic Recipe Puppy Food. I love the convenience of buying this extra-large bag at BJ’s Wholesale Club because it will take us until it is time to transition her away from puppy food.

Pug Puppy

Favorite Treats: Berkley Jensen Natural Chicken Bites Training Treats. We wanted to make sure we had training treats before we brought her home, so we can quickly praise good behavior.

Pug Puppy

Favorite Activity: Biting on everything. We are deep in teething mode and she is using her mouth to discover everything right now. 

Favorite Command: Sit, because that is all we have tackled so far …kind of.

Pug Puppy

Item We Can’t Live Without: We CANNOT live without the Pet Select Pee-Pee Pads, 100 ct! With her first week being filled with snowy days starting to train her to relieve herself outside has not happened. We could not live without this giant pack of puppy pads we found at BJ’s.

This post was sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.


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