I know what you are thinking… are my eyes deceiving me or do I see a hair how-to on ALP?!

The number one thing I am asked about (of course, other than what I am wearing) is for how I style my hair. I have been getting this question for almost the full five years ALP has been live. I was always hesitant (dare I even say nervous) because I am by no means a pro and I can rarely replicate perfectly (oh, hi OCD). So I teamed up with my amazing hair stylist, Jamie of Haute.202, so that you are getting my favorite hairstyles with a pro’s how to.

I am starting with a stupid easy look that is oh-so Coachella but I prefer to call my ‘Couchella’ look. It’s a simple, messy braided crown that I live in all summer/spring.

Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for a ‘do! I am hoping to make this series weekly, and next week we are going much more formal (think Correspondence Dinner up-do)!
A Lacey Perspective: Hair How To - Couchella

What I used:
Clear Bands
Bobby Pins

Step 1: Start with your hair parted how ever you like it. I normally do this look with board straight hair but tossing in some waves (or for my curly haired gals) this looks even more Couchella (aka bed head) on you! Grab approximately 2 inches of you hair about 1 inch from your forehead and braid. Make sure to leave some hair in the front.

Step 2: Rubber band your braid and pull/tug your braid from the bottom up. Don’t be afraid to really pull! The wider and messier the better!

Step 3: Bobby pin the braid to the back center of your head. Remember the right way to use a bobby pin is to have the wavy side be against your head (flat facing out). Make sure to push the pin up not down, too.

Step 4: Do the same to the other side. Don’t forget to leave some hair in the front.

Step 5: Tuck the clear rubber band from braid number two behind the other and pin.

Step 6: Take all your loose strands hanging from the braids and tuck them behind each other to hid the rubber band as much as possible. For my longer haired gals I would let them hang down and maybe tease them a bit. I DO NOT hairspray this look because you want it to get messy throughout your day.

See?! Told you it was an easy one! Don’t let it look too perfect. This is Couchella not Coachella. ;)

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I love it! Great post and good hairstyle on you. Fun!

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