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When I was brainstorming what I wanted my Cloffice to look like one goal my husband and I had was for it to be easy to convert into a guest room. Living in Washington, DC means we constantly have friends and family coming into town and we wanted to be able to offer our home up to stay in, since this is our first time having an available room to host guests. There are a couple little touches I do every time someone is coming over and I think anyone can do this even if you have someone crashing on your couch…

Wifi Information

One of the first things a guest thanks me for is my WiFi picture frame. Right next to my couch (that turns into a bed) I took an old frame and typed up my Wifi username and password. It prevents from that moment where everyone goes to bed and the guest forgets to ask you for your password and doesn’t want to bother you.

Guest Room

Bathroom Basket for Her

Whether you have an extra room to host guests or not you can always add little touches to your bathroom to make your guests time in the bathroom a welcoming one. I love making baskets with the essentials a guest may have forgotten. My bathroom basket for her always has one of my favorite designer scents (that I found for an incredible price at BJ’s Wholesale Club), a clean face towel, Olay Body wash (that I also found at BJ’s in a 3 pack), a throw away razor and shampoo and conditioner. 

Women's Guest Bathroom Basket

Bathroom Basket for Him

If we have a gentlemen staying with us I do not do anything less, they get the same little touches for them to feel at home. My bathroom basket for him is similar to hers. It always has one of my favorite men’s designer scents, a clean face towel, Axe Phoenix Body Wash (that I also found at BJ’s in a 3 pack), a throw away razor and shampoo and conditioner. 

*Tip: Buy all of these products in bulk once (My wholesaler of choice is, shocker, BJ’s) and you will be able to provide all of this for at least a year with nothing running out.

Men's Guest Bathroom Basket

Area for Suitcases/Bags

To me this is very important. Whether you have a guest room, a separate room or just have someone crashing on a couch you need to clear out an area for their bags. It doesn’t need to be anything big or dramatic, but at least an area that is exclusively theirs. I move my desk out of the center of the room off to the side and clear out the top and place it under the desk. This leaves the top of the desk for my guests to set their bags down.

Side Table Essentials

Whether you have a side table in the room, or one next to the couch, it’s nice to have a couple essentials sitting next to where your guest is sleeping. I like to fill up a clean water bottle (I  don’t like using single use plastic), set out Advil for any next day hangovers and lastly some tissues, both of which I find at BJ’s for an incredible value. Typically these are all sitting next to the Wifi Frame to make everything easier as they are settling in for the night.

This post was sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.


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