Apparently this is what the Kardashian’s think of DC…

Washington, DC {Kardashian Kollection via Sears}

I am sorry but…. ew. Really?! This is what you think encompasses DC? What do you think? Is this representative of DC?


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I don’t think a DC lady would wear these. If DC were a shoe, it would be:

1- A low, neutral pump (think Kate Spade or LK Bennet in the style of the Duchess)
2- Tory Burch flats
3- Classic riding boot


I completely agree!

Lacey :)


Have the Kardashians been to DC?? If so, where were they hanging out? In short, no. I do not think this represents D.C.


I totally agree! I am sure they have never been but maybe to the Correspondence Dinner.



This is just gross – and wrong. Oh my.


I live near DC and to me DC is “professional and put together” So something classic and neutral would be my guess. I definitely agree with the above comment about a neutral pump or a classic flat.


Maybe they where in the suburbs and thought they were in DC. THis is a Rancid shoe! They don’t design them anyway, I actually had a link to their supplier once that i lost, everything they featured was on this site! So booo to them.


and Classic Riding boot is true! I LOVE THEM!


If anything in general women in DC are a lot more serious. This shoe represents….cheesy, cheap and definitely nothing serious or classic at all. I would agree more with a RL black leather stiletto heel.


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