Dress {Ann Taylor Loft} | Bag {Rampage – old} |Nude Pumps {Steve Madden} | Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Friendship Bracelet {Meeps Vintage} | Gold Braided Bracelet {street vendor at Eastern Market} |Manicure Nail Polish {OPI – Gargantuan Green Grape} | Pedicure Nail Polish {OPI – Dutch Tulips} | Lipstick {NARS – Carthage}
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Yup. I have glasses. I call them my hipster-chic glasses.

I have had glasses in the past, but I never used them because I am barely nearsighted – which means you normally just need glasses to drive or to see a board if you sit in the back of class. Well, I don’t drive in DC because I work 5 blocks from my apartment and I haven’t been in a classroom in many, many years. I never had any important eye test reasons brought to my attention. So I kept pushing off going to the optometrist as I thought my vision was the same.

I went for a check up last week and my eye doctor basically said, “…you need them and need to wear them for anything about 3 feet or further from your face.” I hope you read that in an old mans voice. So much for never really needing glasses. I was doing so well too, I have never had braces either… really! I guess this is the Big Man upstairs way of showing me I am actually turning older in a couple weeks. Ugh. But I digress…

It was over 100 degrees and very sunny in DC yesterday (hence the squinting in every single picture) and I reached for my old, faithful Ann Taylor Loft sleeveless dress. I am never a fan of wearing Loft from top to bottom, because I am under the age of 30 and I like to look my age, but it was so hot and I needed something work appropriate for some meetings so – this had to be enough.

The last picture is an Instagram picture I snapped on my iPhone right after I got them and published for the world to see. Ok. Just my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr world to see… but you get the gist.

As every one of my girlfriends will tell you, I always buy a trendy item very cheap first to try things out then I  buy the real name brand item. For example, I bought a oversized gold watch at Target last year and wore it around for a week to see if I could handle something that big on all the time – decided I loved it, and bought my MK one shortly thereafter. These glasses are exactly that. I think I am liking them. My next step is to try the 5 glasses for 5 days from Warby Parker. Remember when I wrote about my love for them awhile back?

Sooooo… what do you think of my new hipster-chic four eyes?


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It doesn’t matter how many eyes you have – you look great!!

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