Six of the best picks from Madewell's Fall Winter Collection
Madewell Rivington Sweater 100% Merino Wool. Layer it up this winter!

I’ve realized that my previous flirtatious engagement with Madewell has turned into a full-fledged I’m-a-13-year-old-girl-kinda-crush. It all started when I purchased some MW denim. I’d never seen such a variety of denim of such great quality for such an incredible price ($130 average). And the fit…I mean…what their jeans do for the backside is truly magnificent. (AND, if you bring any pair of old jeans to any Madewell Store you’ll get $20 off a new pair and support this charitable cause.)

So said crush then transformed into a curious flirtation with news of The Transport Tote ala #totewell. The Madewell Transport Tote never really got the credit it deserved as it took the U.S. by storm. I specifically remember a phone call from an NYC friend a few years ago, she worked for the brand and was spotting almost 1 out of every 5 girls carrying the infamous bag on the L train, every day. The Transport Tote had become THE wear-to-work bag. And with the free monogramming as well, how could you go wrong?! In fact, the bag became so popular so quickly that even before Madewell could claim the carry-all style tote to the press, other retailers were already making copies and the Madewell claim-to-fame accessory became an insider-know only. How sad! But at least WE know where the Transport Tote came from, and perhaps that’s all that matters right now.

Anyway, as I’m wearing my MW jeans and romping around the (cyber)town, I took a look at their new Fall collection and realized my previous crush on the brand has become a sort of infatuation. And I know a lot of my lovely readers shop at Madewell, so let’s dig into this top Madewell picks list and pray they have our size! These top Madewell picks also reflect larger trends I am loving at the moment but with their MW-twist.

1. Wide Leg Jumpsuit: can we just savor this moment for a second: it’s a jumpsuit, and it’s pink. There is nothing more Lacey approved.
2. Heidi Mules: (or backless shoes in general right now are trending) These fluffy shearling Heidi mules are amazing. Y’all know how I am about anything fuzzy and statement. These shearling mules will turn heads worn with cropped denim and a wrap shirt. I can think of 10 things in my closet right now I’d wear them with…*swoon*
3. Wide Leg Khakis: These Khaki wide leg pants are amazing for so many reasons: can wear them with anything; the high-waist and pleats make them day-to-night perfectly versatile. The waist also brings back the length lost in the crop, and due to the color being my skin tone, I don’t lose any height….so many benefits so little time.
4. Cropped Flare: The cropped flare is back for another season but these babies bring the jean style to a whole new level of cool with the high waist (again, making up for the length lost in the crop), a kicked-out flare and crop, and just enough stretch to make you look like a lean machine. It’s the perfect modern addition to this otherwise vintage 70’s style pant.  I imagine these cropped flares paired with the Heidi Mule and The Rivington sweater or a duster coat. Sunglasses on and pearly smile; I’d skip for these jeans.
5. Pink Velvet Body Suit: Arguably the best trend of the season, this beautiful velvet pink bodysuit is oh-so-me. The best part about bodysuits is you can wear them with your wide-leg pant and (if you choose properly, of course) you always classy and attractive because you’re all tucked in, and they help with contouring your body with the elastic flattening your stomach. Compared to the alternative of the over-done over-sized tops (that your boyfriend hates!), I’m feeling this fresh body-molding beauty.
6. Rivington Sweater Coat: Part coat, part sweater, this beautiful sweater comes in two colors. I am loving the light heather color.  I can envision it with my navy bandana scarf tied around my neck, navy pom earrings, and perhaps my cropped flares! I dieyuh!

So this is my love letter to Madewell, I suppose. I’m passing it on to you and maybe you can deliver it, yah know, grade-school folded-into-an-origami-square and in that, like, not-so-mysterious-bc-everyone-knows-now-style :)

Oh, and btw, they’re having a sale right now!





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Die for the MW Rivingon Coat and the bodysuit is fab as well! Great post!!!




OMG in love with those mules!!! so amazing, for sure on my wish list :)