I still can’t even believe I am hitting publish on this post. My number one insecurity is my skin. I didn’t have a major problem with acne as a teenager but as soon as college hit it all started to go downhill. Now in my early 30s I may have mostly tackled my adult acne (with help from my amazing dermatologist) but now I am left with crazy acne scaring, redness and discoloration. I have heard tons about the “Vampire Facial” but honestly I am a huge wimp when it comes to pain so it never seemed like an option.

I have been reached out to several times by Med Spas asking if I want a consult, but frankly I am sooooo insecure that I didn’t even want to take the commute to an office without make up. Finally I decided to take a dive…


Eclipse MicroPen Elite

Pain Level

During: You sit for about 30m with numbing cream on your face so you really don’t feel anything except for areas that run over more bone (ie. your nose) than fat (ie. your cheeks). Also, towards the end of the session when the numbing is wearing off you will start to feel lots of little scratches (only way I can think of it). I would say my pain number (10 being excruciating) during the procedure would be a 2.

After: This is probably the most uncomfortable part. You leave with what feels like (and looks like) a really bad sunburn. I was provided with creams to make it easier (pro tip: put them in the fridge). I would say the pain number is a 4 for about the first 24 hours.

Down Time

I would say do not make any plans for at least 48 hours. You cannot put makeup over it until after 24 hours but honestly you are so red (and sometimes see flaking) that I would say minimum 2 days before you enter into the real world. Also make sure to avoid sunlight (I brought a hat for when I left the appointment). Ideal time would be 4 days of not leaving your house.


The left side of my face is by far my worst side for my scaring. The results from one to two (the second image down) is insane. It makes me SO excited for my future sessions. I would also say notice the fullness and texture of my skin. The changes are really dramatic!



Tamjidi Skin Institute – Clean, professional and located right near the Friendship Heights Metro.


Sivan Berube – She made me cry in our first consultation… in the best way possible. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. We discussed what my biggest insecurities are and what steps we need to take to get me to feel comfortable leaving the house without make up on (she said it is very possible and this is where I teared up). I cannot recommend this angel enough.


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You can really see the difference around your chin area! I’ve been so curious about trying this.

xx, Danielle | http://www.pineappleandprosecco.com


I’m so glad I read this! I have acne scars and discoloration and it always made me feel insecure about going out without foundation on. I figured only heavy chemical peels could help me and I’m not ready for something like that. Glad to know there is more options out that and that they really work!