Fun fact, before I went ahead with microblading I have had two tattoos done. The irony of it all? I have a fear of needles. Yup. A paralyzing fear. When I was first told about microblading I thought to myself “Wow. There is blade in the name. Count me out.” Then after doing research, and getting a confirmation that Ashley will do it with me (strength in numbers), I thought about all that time I waste doing my eyebrows because my hair is so light. And heck, if I can get two tattoos, what’s two more?

Pain Level

During: You sit for about 30 minutes with numbing cream on your eyebrows after your artist pencils in your dream brow shape. To me this is one of the most important parts, make sure that you discuss with your artist the exact look you are going for. Even inspiration pictures are helpful. Towards the end of the session when the numbing is wearing off you will start to feel lots of little scratches (only way I can think of it). I would say my pain number (10 being excruciating) during the procedure would be a 2.

After: After finishing up the session your artist will put a cooling cream over your brows and send you home with some as well. The pain after feels like a bad sunburn, nothing too uncomfortable. Also, not to get too gross but your eyebrows will get “juicy” and you have to constantly blot while your eyebrows are healing. I would say the pain number is a 3 for about the first 24 hours.

Down Time

The best part about Microblading is there is virtually no downtown. You can’t come in with any makeup on but right after you can put makeup on as long as you avoid the eyebrow area. There are very specific things you can and can’t do before and after the session so make sure you get all the details before you head in.



I am truly in LOVE with the results. All I have to do is brush on some eyebrow gel and that’s it! You do need to go for touch ups ever year or so but with the right artist you don’t mind at all.



Dollistic – Amazing, caring artists. Stunning interior. Moved to a location just outside of DC.


Meagan – This beauty made me feel so comfortable when I was freaking out about “tattooing my face” (a phrase I kept repeating, and giggling, because of my nerves). When we were drawing on the temporary shape she was so unbelievably helpful. We talked about shape, my daily routine (to help decide how thick looking I wanted the brows) and the ideal maintenance routine.

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Microneedling DC

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