Owning a pug

Ever since Lucy, a full breed 8 week old pug, came into my life (I was 16 years old) my life was forever changed. A pug is not your normal dog and boy do they have lessons to teach you. Then 8 years later Tyler, a puggle-ish mix, came into my life (read his story here). I’ve had many dogs in my life but most of them were female so Tyler had some lessons for me as well. Here are some of the lessons you will learn when you are a pug owner…

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Loyalty – One of the absolute best things about pugs is their loyalty. You will never be alone again. Want to use the restroom, oh they are coming with you. Pugs were originally bred as lap dogs to keep Chinese emperors warm in drafty castles and of course keep them company. They still so exactly that to this day.

Your Clothes Will Be Forever Cover in Hair – Fawn pugs have a double coat and shed like crazy. The fawn pug’s undercoat is constantly growing and pushing the hairs on the upper coat out, hence the constant shedding. So just be prepared that any and everything will be covered in hair.

Owning a Pug

Bottomless Pit – This tiny breed can eat and eat and eat. They are truly a bottomless pit. They gain weight crazy easy so you have to monitor their food intake constantly. Tyler is obsessed with BJ’s Wholesale Exclusive Berkley Jensen All Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Holistic Recipe for Dogs. We give him half a cup for lunch and then for dinner.

Short and Sweet – These short, chunky babies are prone to health issues, so vet bills can get expensive. Their size and pressed in face can cause lots of issues, they may need their nostrils widened and surgery on their elongated soft palette.

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Will Dance for Treats – For the smaller pugs I like to use softer treats. Lucy always had breathing issues and was very petite (even for a pug) so she would actually dance (one of my favorite tricks of hers) for Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Treats we found at BJ’s. Tyler is really fond of Blue Dog Bakery More Flavor Treat (also from BJ’s) because we noticed he likes when we change up the flavors.

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My husband brought home a rescue pug one day from a lady that couldn’t keep her. The lady had rescued her from a puppy mill. Her name was Dolly. She had hardly any teeth, her tongue never went in her mouth and her back legs didn’t work right from the deplorable conditions of the mill and being kept in a small cage. Honestly I was scared of her for a whole month. She was a site for sore eyes, but her heart and her personality and her toughness were so amazing to me. She was such an amazing little dog. She never let anything slow her down. Pugs are amazing dogs! Also they make lots of noises! breathing , farting (lol) licking. (well that could have been from her tongue issue). We are looking into getting another rescue some day. Your dog is beautiful! And your list so accurate.


Wow. She sounds magical. I love pugs. There is no breed with that kind of personality, bravery and heart. I want to get another soon too!



So sweet! Didn’t know all of this!