Dog Travel Bag

When my husband and I travel we very rarely can bring our Puggle, Tyler (Missed Tyler’s story? Read it here.) unless it’s a road trip (It is not great for pugs to fly. We often like to say “pigs can’t fly.”) we have to leave him with a friend. Luckily, we have many friends that volunteer and love taking Tyler in. The one thing we now have down to an artform is Tyler’s travel bag. Tyler’s travel bag is an actual old, small suitcase we use so that it is easy for our friends to have all his comforts of home in his new environment. I get questions often from readers, who see on my Instagram that I am traveling for a long time, what happens to Tyler when we leave? Well here is what we pack in his suitcase…

Thank You Letter and Vet Information

We always make sure we write a thank you letter to our pug-sitters filled with all the feeding times preferred, any personality quirks to keep their eye on and the contact info for our vet. We also like to leave a nice bottle of wine next to the thank you letter.  

Foldable Stairs

Tyler is now ten years old, so when it comes to getting up and down couches, beds, etc. we like to pack his PETMAKER 15″ 4-Step Folding Pet Stairs we got from BJ’s Wholesale Club to prevent future joint problems. 

*Tip: When I have the stairs at the foot of our bed I put faux fur over it to make it more a chic part of the bedroom instead of an eye sore.

Dog Travel Bag

Dog Food

If you’ve read my other posts about Tyler, you know we have tons of ideas and inspiration when it comes to spoiling him. He loves his food, Berkley Jensen All-Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Holistic Recipe for Dogs. So, I take his allotted amount of food for a day and place it in a sandwich bag and do this for every day we will be gone. Since we closely monitor his food intake to keep his weight down (pugs can very easily gain weight to an unhealthy point).

Pee Pads

Yes, Tyler is ten years old, but we also like to pack a couple Pet Select Pee-Pee Pads we got at BJ’s in case they are out of the house for a long period of time and he can’t hold it. This may not be necessary, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Dog Travel Bag


Of course, we need to pack his favorite Blue Dog Bakery Dog More Flavors Treats, which also available at BJ’s.

Small Pet Bed

Tyler has a large bed he loves but when he’s being watched outside of our home we like to pack his PAW Medium Lavish Cushion Pillow Furry Pet Bed. It’s simple and easy for them to place anywhere. 

Dog Travel Bag

Favorite Toys

Lastly, we never forget his favorite toys. We try not to over pack too many, so our pug-sitter doesn’t have too much to keep up with.

This post was sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.


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