4 Inexpensive Items to Keep Yourself Moisturized This Spring

Now that allergy season is upon us and the spring has sprung it is time to start thinking about keeping yourself moisturized for spring and into summer. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on product to keep yourself moisturized and after I did some searching at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club, I have … Continue Reading

Skinny Grapefruit French 75

If you have been following me on Instagram Stories, you know that i have made a pretty significant change in my eating habits this year. I would never, ever say I am on a “diet” but I am looking to make little changes that make a meal a bit healthier or lower calorie (I really … Continue Reading

5 Tips for Washing Your Sensitive Skin

My skin is unbelievably sensitive, and it has taken me years to figure out exactly what will and won’t aggravate it. After lots of trial and error I have found the five steps that are fail proof for washing your sensitive skin… Cool Water Have you ever noticed how when you wash your face with … Continue Reading

Healthy DC Lunches to Keep You on Your Diet

As the metro DC area starts to heat up (this Saturday gave me just the warm, sunny boost I needed), my thoughts turn to Summer and how I plan on fitting in all my bathing suits and shorts from last year. Fortunately, there are so many quick, portable lunch options that make sure I don’t … Continue Reading

10 Items from the ShopBop Sale to Add To Cart

One of my favorite ShopBop sales is here and it is one to not be missed. You get up to 25% off with the code ‘Event18’! Here are the ten items from the sale you should absolutely add to cart…     Shop bags in image here. SaveSave

30 Minute 300 Calorie Burn Treadmill Workout

As I mentioned in my Weekly Workout Plan I do High Intensity Interval Training (AKA: HIIT) three times a week. When I shared my 30 Minute 300 Calorie Burn Elliptical Workout and 20 Minute 200 Calorie Burn Stair Master Workout I got requests for more of HIIT cardio options. So next up we tackle the Treadmill. My friend … Continue Reading