DC Sports Bars That You Actually Want To Go To

I am so thrilled to launch a new series here on ALP inspired by my A DC Perspective page. In my opinion there is nowhere online that tackles the sort of things I search for when looking to step out of my home and go play in this historic city. From hip new restaurants that … Continue Reading

How to Take Care of Yourself This Allergy Season

From a chilly evening to a warm day, spring may be beautiful but man does it do a number on my seasonal allergies. I know you must be thinking “Why is Lacey talking about allergies on ALP?” and the answer is because taking care of yourself during allergy season is what will let all of … Continue Reading

Tru by Hilton Farmville, VA

Stay Tru by Hilton – A short three hour road trip from DC, through a tree lined two lane highway, you will find Farmville, Virginia. As you start to head to downtown Farmville you see this bright colored building that stands out with it’s funky shapes painted on the outside and that was my home for two … Continue Reading

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Moisturizer

With this crazy winter weather my skin has been unbelievably dry. Since I have been determined to educate myself about skin care, and specifically how to properly care/correct for my skin issues, I have started to do some digging on moisturizer. Not just which kind I should be using but how to use it. It’s … Continue Reading

20 Minute 200 Calorie Burn Stair Master Workout

As I mentioned in my Weekly Workout Plan I do High Intensity Interval Training (AKA: HIIT) three times a week. When I shared my 30 Minute 300 Calorie Burn Elliptical Workout I got requests for a couple of HIIT cardio options. So next up we tackle the Stair Master. The machine looks intimidating but I promise … Continue Reading

Styling Adidas Superstars

I never ever thought there would be a day you see a look here on ALP where I am wearing sneakers and it’s not a workout look. I am loyal to my very large heels collection and I would never think to cheat on them, until now. The Adidas Superstar throwback look was starting to … Continue Reading