Erin Condren PannersErin Condren PannersErin Condren PannersErin Condren PannersErin Condren Panners

I have found a planner I cannot live without. Below is 5 reasons why I’m obsessed with my Erin Condren planner…

  1. There are so many options for the style of your planner. Color/pattern, monogram and even color of the metal coil.
  2. The stickers that are built into each planner for you to use at will was surprisingly useful. I use them to add in things that are not solidified (i.e. the contract not signed yet but start date is available).
  3. You can customize by number of pages, monthly versus weekly, vertical versus horizontal layout and how many pages of notes.
  4. Motivational phrases and quotes. When I am turning my page over and seeing a short motivational phrase I always pause and let that message soak in. It may seem corny at times but it might be that push I need.
  5. Lastly, the one thing that surprised me most about Erin Condren‘s planners was that it’s not just for little girls. When I originally thought of using a planner again (all colorful, monogrammed and bubbly) I instantly thought of my college days penciling in my next exam. Full honesty I was hesitant to start using a planner again versus using my iCal on all of my Apple products. As someone who owns two businesses in the digital world I was worried what it would look like, quite frankly, to pull out an old school planner. But I must say I completely forgot the satisfaction of writing things out, crossing off that to-do list and overall having a visual that is easily moveable.

If you follow me over on Instagram, specifically my IG Stories, you know I am obsessed with my Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner and even bought my bestie a matching one! I’m so in love I made sure my readers can get 15% off their Erin Condren planner by using the code ‘GETSOCIAL15’ (please note that the code expires 7/31/17 and cannot be combined with other offers).

This post was sponsored by Erin Condren. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.

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