This post was sponsored by State Farm. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.

I love a good road trip. There is nothing like just getting in a car, grabbing some fast food and signing at the top of your lungs. I am a music nut and truly like it all, but when I’m cruising there is a certain type of music I like; something upbeat, makes me want to dance in my seat. I can never drive with music that is slow, even if it is a great song I am always worried I will nod off in my seat. This playlist can get me through any long drive (hello, 12 hours of music!) and the more electro pop feel can keep even the most board driver entertained.

I have tackled road trips of all sizes. From a quick trip to wineries in Northern Virginia to a 12 plus hour drive from Florida to DC. Typically I have my partner in crime (my hubs) with me on trips so we can switch off driving, but if it’s just me that gives me the opportunity to belt on the top of my lungs some of my favorite tunes (I can’t sing so it’s better if there is no one in the car). Currently I cannot get enough of the new Marian Hill song (you’ll find it in the playlist below).

I’m working with State Farm to bring to you my road trip music (Honestly it’s not just good for a road trip, I listen to it almost every day). State Farm is committed to keeping drivers safe on the road, and they’ve teamed up with state transportation agencies to promote highway safety through the Assist Patrol program. Each fleet of Assist Patrol vehicles patrols the highway looking for crashes, dangerous debris, and stranded motorists to provide assistance and help drivers get safely on their way. When the unexpected happens, these State Farm-sponsored patrols help keep our roads safer. The limited and completely complementary roadside assistance may include services like a tire change, fixing minor mechanical problems, and removing debris from the road. These services are meant to assist all drivers on sponsored public highways. Together, they’re #HereToHelp! It’s all part of their mission to do whatever they can to help drivers everywhere stay safe!

So go rock out to my road trip music and drive safe with State Farm!

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