A Lacey Perspective: Sami's Selects: Fall Lip Gloss Under $10

The perfect fall gloss is key (especially with the cooler weather starting to dry our lips out). A great lip gloss can complete your outfit and look for a night out on the town, does it not? Now I know it’s such a hassle to go out and look for the perfect gloss color for the season, but also one that is affordable. After much research and trying all of the designer lip glosses from Bobbi Brown, Chanel, etc. I have found ones from your local drugstores (or online) I like ten times better! These great drugstore lip glosses are not only affordable, but look amazing on. So please give these on-trend shiny nudes and purples a try this fall season, and take a look at this week’s Sami’s Selects!

xo Sami

 Neutral {NYX} $5 | Painted Sky {Burt’s Bees} $9Rosy Future {Revlon} $8.79Copenhagen {NYX} $6Craving Cranberries {Covergirl} $5.39Nude Flush {Maybelline Matte} $6.29


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