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One of my top questions I get over on Instagram Stories is what my fitness routine is. Frankly, I go through phases. One year I’m hooked on spin, the next yoga and the next I don’t want anything to do with group classes. This year is the year of continuously mixing it up for me.

I wanted to share with you my top fitness tips that keep me going…

Fitness Tips 2018

Food Tracker App – I live on My Plate Calorie Counter by Livestrong App for all of my meals. Even those days I have one too many glasses of wine or perhaps have a less healthy meal I put it in. It keeps me accountable, has helped with my new years resolutions and has really taught me what I have been putting in my body. Also, allow a cheat day where you put nothing in. It’s ok. I promise. Also, DO NOT weigh yourself every day. Your body will constantly fluctuate. I try to weigh myself once a week and put it in the app so I can see my progress. I have (when I was really consistent) lost 10lbs in a month when I stuck to this app.

Fitness Tips 2018

Apple Watch– My love for my Apple Watch is deep. It connects me to friends so we can be competitive with our workouts/steps AND it connects to My Plate! So I don’t have to enter in my workouts or steps when its on! I looooveee this feature.

Routine – Make a routine. This is very important. Just walking into the gym with no real set plan will make it harder for you to even get there never mind be productive. You can find my weekly workout plan here.

Sports Bra – This is a VERY important part. You don’t want something you are constantly tugging at or adjusting. My obsession with Le Mystere has been for years now (see all my Le Mystere bra reviews here). As a gal with a very small back and a very, very large chest (naturally) finding a bra period is next to impossible. So basically anytime Le Mystere comes out with a new bra I will own it instantly. I am SO excited about the new Active Balance Convertible Sport Bra! It is gorgeous, has the clasp in the back to make it t-strap (the only way I go with sports bras) and it goes all the way up to a G cup! Y’all Im in love.

Fitness Tips 2018

Stretch – I know you are thinking to yourself why is this even on here? I think it is one of the top things people forget to do when working out out on your own and it is SO important. Not only does it help with flexibility but it also important for injury prevention.

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That workout ball is the best! It helps with those moments when you workout at home. No excuses! 😍


Thanks for sharing your post! I’ll definitely incorporate them into the new year!



Have you tried my fitness pal for meal tracking? I have used it on and off and find it….ok. Going to try out your app suggestion but wondered if you had any comparison between the two :)


Great tips girl and I love this sports bra!! I’ll have to check it out!

cute & little


I need to work on tracking my food intake .. great tips!

How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com


Such good tips! I love my Apple Watch! Need to get that food tracker app ASAP


My husband also swears by a food tracker app! I am dying for an Apple watch even more now


I love this! Love your sports bra! I am currently doing BBG and it’s so tough but got a group of girls doing it with me to help me stay motivated!

Xo, Steph


These are great tips! A goal of mine this year is to stretch more.



Great tips for making working out a priority! People talk a lot about “motivation” but I’ve always found that motivation can slip based on your mood, how you’re feeling, etc. I prefer to focus on “discipline” – if something becomes routine to the point where it’s just going. to. get. done. you’ll be much less likely to skip it.

-Jess, A Well-Kept Mess


Exactly! I say I want to build habits!


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