When I first announced my engagement I promised you “this will NOT become a lifestyle/wedding blog. I will keep you posted with little pieces here and there on wedding-ness, but I will not inundate you with my wedding planning.” You have now seen my engagement pictures, that I am majorly obsessed with, and you all seem to be loving my “That Special Day” Pinterest Board so…

Sticking with that promise of giving you peaks into my planning, here is how I asked my Bridesmaids to join me on the big day (and how J asked his boys)…

For my MOH, I gave her a pink bottle of champagne (just to set her’s apart a bit) with the same custom label and as soon as she said yes we drank it of course…

All custom wine/whisky labels were designed by my fabulous designer for ALP, CapFABB and beyond (and now bridesmaid) Megan Arnall!

6 more months until the big day! Eeeeek!


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Super cute – 6 more months, it will fly by, enjoy every minute of it!!
xo K


This is such a cute idea…so happy for you!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


My hubs would love the Jack bottle idea! I was too excited in the immediate minutes after getting engaged to come up with anything cute. Although I did ask my best friend in front of our entire sorority, “will you be one of my people?” Made her cry! Mission Accomplished!



aw, such a cute away to ask them :) i like your little wedding tidbits- such an exciting time in your life!



Adorable! My bestfriend just asked me to be her bridesmaid with a personalized wine bottle this week – I had never even seen it done before, but apparently it’s popular?! Absolutely loved it! :)


What a fun idea! I love champagne so this is right up my alley.


Fashion and Beauty Finds


Such a cute idea! Your friend is very talented! xo
Best, M.


Too adorable! I didn’t know that officially asking your bridesmaids was a thing (and I only got married a little over a year ago, so I probably don’t have an excuse), so I didn’t get my bridesmaids anything! My sisters and college roommates were my bridesmaids though, so hopefully they can forgive me. I’m sure your bridesmaids are thrilled to be in your wedding – can’t wait to see a few more details leading up to the big day!


What a sweet way to ask your friends! I really love this idea, and the labels are so much fun! :-) Loving the little peeks into your Big Day!


Is there a template for this? I would love to buy it!


How can I get the best man labels ?! My fiancé is in love with this idea!!

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