Self Tan Favorites (& Tips/Tricks)

First and foremost I should say I tan pretty easily (Thanks genes!), but when I am pale I am really paleeeee. I feel like I am so much more confident with a tan but the idea of a self tan (without a professional) scares the sh*t outta me. I’m such a perfectionist that the smallest … Continue Reading

Dry Shampoo Showdown (& Tips/Tricks)

If there is one thing I know it’s dry shampoo. I have very thick, long, frequently highlighted hair that I only wash once a week (with purple shampoo/conditioner to keep my blonde from going brassy) so dry shampoo is my life line to give my hair… well… life. I have tried them all. From your local … Continue Reading

My Favorite Affordable Wines

Let’s be honest. We are all spending a lot more time at home, and reaching for that second glass of wine is an almost daily occurrence. I started sharing some of my favorites over on Instagram Stories and realized that I have curated an affordable favorite wines list in my head but never got it down … Continue Reading

Zero Calorie Sweet Tea

*recipe below* When I was younger and living in Texas my mother’s sweet tea was what I ran to after school. The bright lemon and sugariness was addicting. But the one thing I didn’t care about then was how caloric each glass was …we’re talking almost 80 calories a glass)! I was determined to find … Continue Reading

My Favorite Easy Skinny Recipes

Since we are all attempting our best at being at home chefs right now, and I keep getting asked for easy “skinny” recipes over on Instagram, I thought it was best to get it all here in one place for you. When it comes to eating even a tiny bit healthier it needs to be … Continue Reading

My Favorite At Home Workouts

With everyone having to stay at home during this scary, uncertain time I have been using workouts to keep me sane. Sometimes I’ll sneak out back of my building into an alley to workout in some fresh air, but overall I’m trying to get some movement in every day (even if it’s just walking my … Continue Reading