Now that I am 30 I have made it my mission to pay closer attention to my skin, eat healthier and overall accept the defeat that I am getting older. Since this is now my daily thought process I have been on the hunt for products that are anti-aging but not too harsh on my very sensitive skin.

I recently have been adding Caudalie’s Resveratrol Lift Soft Cream (coupon) to my routine and am loving what I feel and see! The texture is rich but once it settles onto my skin it is light. A little goes a long way. After a few minutes of it drying my skin feels so soft.

Caudalie recommends it to be applied in the morning after washing, toning, and serum, as the cream contains soft-focus powders to leave a satin finish and blur imperfections, making it perfect under makeup. This cream contains two patented ingredients one patent with Harvard Medical School (insert, oooohs and ahhhhs): one to firm and one to plump. Together they teach the skin how to act young again. Yes, please!

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I also turned a year older…love Caudalie stuff and French skin care! Definitely a good time to start investing in skin care (esp SPF and eye cream)!


EXACTLY my thoughts. :)



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