When I started this blog I had no idea what a roller-coaster ride I was in for. All I wanted to do was inspire and be inspired, and it turned into so much more.

When I officially LLC-ed A Lacey Perspective I had aspirations of doing more then just the blog but was always nervous to take the plunge into more than daily outfit posts.
ALP Consulting Launch

After a handful of clients, emails from readers and months of writing and rewriting my menu of services, I am ready to share with my lovely ALP readers that ALP Consulting is ready to work with you.

From styling services to online brand consulting, I want to help you accomplish your ultimate goal. Whether your goal is to look at your closet in a new light or you are looking to give your site a new look… I am at your service.ALP Consulting Launch

ALP Consulting ALP Consulting Launch

My most recent client was the oh-so-sweet Katrina.

Katrina was looking for “Lacey’s Perspective on Your Closet” so she can find more options in her wardrobe for fun, yet sophisticated looks for her 9-5 gig on Capitol Hill. I had an absolute blast getting to know her and helping her start to see her closet differently.

ALP Consulting Launch

Here is what Katrina said about her experience:

“What I’m most appreciative for during my session with Lacey is that she took the time to get to know me before even opening my closet. By understanding what I needed from my everyday wardrobe, she taught me how to piece together outfits that are professional, yet eye-catching and unique — and I couldn’t be more thrilled!” -Katrina

ALP Consulting Launch

After three years of style/fashion blogging and five plus years of working in the online space, I am ready to share my knowledge with all who need it.

Whether you are in DC or not, there are plenty of services to chose from and (since this is a launch after all) I want to give 20% off your first service you select from ALP Consulting!

So head on over to my menu of options and lets work together!

Lacey :)


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Want A Lacey Perspective on your wardrobe, outfit for a big day or your blog’s branding? Check out ALP Consulting Services

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Congrats! Your blog and outfits alone always inspire!

Love these photos too, they’re perfection!!

xo Jessica
My Style Vita


Congrats on a new blog endeavor! I’m sure this’ll be great!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


That’s wonderful, Lacey! It’s so inspirational :)


These beautiful pictures don’t even begin to cover the amazingness that came out of my styling session. Thank you for everything, Lacey!



Congrats! Sounds like a fun new adventure!

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