Olay Daily Facials

We’ve all been there where you had a late night out with your girls (with a few cocktails …ok maybe more than a few) and you opt out of doing your full skin care routine. I do this more often than I care to admit.Olay Daily Facials Olay Daily Facials

But lucky for me, and you, I discovered Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleaning Cloths! It’s four parts of my skin care routine in one! Talk about the perfect face wipes for the busy (or lazy) girl.

4-in-1 Formula

  1. Cleanser – washes away dirt and makeup.
  2. Toner – tones skin with an essential cleansing formula.
  3. Mask – hydrates with specialized Olay conditioners.
  4. Scrub – exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface.

Olay Daily Facials

The water activated cloths are easy to lather up and so simple to use…

  1. Wet with water
  2. Rub to lather
  3. Cleanse (even around the eyes)
  4. Rinse (for best results, use cloth)
  5. Throw away (do not flush)

Olay Daily Facials

I also love using them for my evenings in. Pampering myself with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, some smooth jazz (Yup. Big jazz fan here.) and a deep clean with Olay Daily FacialsOlay Daily FacialsOlay Daily Facials

I’ve even kept some in my gym bag so when I’m done they can replace the multiple products I lug around.

To be honest I feel much more confident going makeup free (with a little mascara so my eyes pop, always) now that my skin looks better in one step. Lazy/busy girls (I’m a little of both), rejoice!

Get your Olay Daily Facials Here!

This post was sponsored by  Olay. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.

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Good tips and I think men can benefit from them too. I like the idea of tossing them in a gym bag.

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