Glow Up Old TV to Frame TV Look

You’re probably here because you saw my attempt at a DIY Instagram reel sharing how I gave my old TV a glow up.

I have had that TV for AT LEAST 10 years, and once I finally bit the bullet and painted an accent wall, I decided I can’t stare at this heavy black square on this wall any longer. The Frame TV is not in the cards until after the holidays (and I have my eye on a new TV stand that has an electric fireplace built in at the top of the wishlist). So I decided to get creative…

Step 1. Find the most shallow TV mount you can find that fits your TV’s size and weight. I had a giant, heavy one with an arm that had to go.

Step 2. Bribe your BFF’s husband, or hell do it your damn self girl ;), to take down the old mount and replace with the new one.

Step 3. Once the TV is hung, use flexible stick molding to give you that frame look. There are ones of all widths, so go with what fits yours. The one I chose comes in multiple colors. I went with the fold.

Step 4. Stick that molding to the TV and cut the corners at a 45 degree angle to give that frame look.

Step 5. Extra credit if you add some of it to the sides of the TV and paint over it to give a more matte look (what I think my next steps will be).

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Let’s show you how to give your TV the art! I made a 10 hours YouTube Playlist of my favorite art you can just hit play! I can also change any screensaver from Apple TV to FireTV to show art. I found this set of FREE chic Halloween vibe art that is supposed to be used for the Frame TV that I have been using as my screensavers.

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