I know I keep repeating myself, but I am truly in awe at the response to these hair how tos (see my other hair how tos here)! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback and keep the ideas/suggestions coming! Get ready for compliments to take over your evening. This may be my favorite up-do of all time and you will be in total SHOCK at how easy it is to do. My DC area hair go-to gal, Jamie of Haute.202, and I are here to show you how it is done…


What You Need: Curling Iron Bobby Pins Hair Spray

Step 1: Start with curled hair. Don’t worry about it being perfect, this is just used as a base. Step 2: Tease about a two inch wide section at the front of your hair. Step 3: Smooth out the teasing so that your hair has clean volume. Step 4: Create, what I like to call, the Snookie bump. AKA. Take that two inch teased section and pin it at the top of your head to create a little bump. Step 5: Next you will take a one inch section of your hair from the front right and bring it to the center (kind of like you are french braiding). Then bring the hair a bit further over from center and bobby pin. Step 6: Take what is hanging from what you just pinned, bring it back up and over the opposite direction and pin to create a little circle of hair that is standing up. Step 7: Pull a section of hair from the left side and repeat steps 5 and 6 the opposite direction. Step 8: You should now have two standing circles going different directions. Step 9: Repeat 5 and 6. Step 10: Continue the alternating process all the way down the center of your head and hair spray to finish. You do not want this to look perfect.

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This is a gorgeous hair style! I have locs, but I think I can still pull this off. Thanks!


You totally could!



So gorgeous !!! This needs to be a youtube video tutorial for people like me who are totally useless at updo’s


I wore this style to church! I had compliments from the young and old. Officially in love with this faux-hawk!!


Blondes looking every way nicer


It’s fabulous and I hope to master it in time for a family wedding in Louisville Ky! Oh please make a YouTube tutorial for this ?? SM aka Clumsy hands


Please make a youtube tutorial!

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