The number one question I get is for suggestions in DC. Whether they are DC residents, new to DC, lived here all their life or just visiting I seem to always have an idea of what they can do or see.

After answering hundreds and hundreds of emails and DMs over the last eight years I have decided it was time to get this all in one place. From my favorite places to go out, get my hair done, my doctors and everything else I have created my A DC Perspective page so you can find it. The best place you will be able to get to it is in my menu bar at the top of the site…

My hope is to share with you my honest opinion and suggestions of what to get/order about places I LOVE here in DC (and sometimes Virginia and Maryland). I will not put anything on this INTERACTIVE MAP (See screenshot below. I feel so fancy.) that is not ALP (or should I say ADCP) approved. I only have about 2-3 places in each category (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Party, Health, Beauty, Coffee and Shop) but plan on updating it each week. Also, if you are over on Instagram with me you can follow the hashtag #ADCPerspective (Did you know you can follow a hashtag now?!) and I tag any and all locations that are ALP approved via my IG posts. If you have ANY questions, suggestions or comments please leave them below or email me.



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This is such a great idea! I checked it out and look forward to the updates. I especially love that there are few items in each category (Yelp can be overwhelming and difficult to decide on one place). Thanks! :-)

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