Being named one of “Washington’s Most Pinteresting People” was an honor and also really had me take a good look at my Pinterest tactics. After this list was out I started to receive several emails and tweets from readers asking what my secrets are to being successful with Pinterest. With over 1000 followers on several of my boards, I figure I must be doing something right, so why not share my secrets (which I guess will not be so secret anymore) with you all?

Here are a couple quick tips:

  • Connect your Pins to Twitter. No need to tweet every single one of them, but just letting your Twitter followers know its there is  key. Think of those tweets as friendly reminders that you are pinning.
  • Organize your boards to be easily recognizable. Cute named boards is just fine, but just make sure it is easy to tell what they are in one quick glance. For example, I have a Passion for Fashion Board of Spring/Summer inspiration and a board for fall/winter as well.
  • Shameless Self Promotion. Don’t be nervous about having a board about you and your blog exclusively. This is where you can have control of your pictures/content that you create. No fears of will your pics get the credit it deserves (ie. linking to your blog) if you are the first to pin it and just let the repins number grow. I even repin some of my Instagram pics that are worth it (cross-social media platform promotion is the way to go).
  • Pin It Button. Add a PinIt button to your posts so that your readers can easily pin your pictures from your posts for pinspiration.

There are tons of tips out there, but I think those are definitely at the top of my list. Any other tips I am missing that you think are key? Also, if you have a killer Pinterest account feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments, I would love to follow! Lastly, don’t forget to check out the other pinteresting people for more pinspiration (I can’t help myself – hehe).

Happy pinning! :)


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These are great tips – just added a Pin It button to my posts last weekend! :)


Congrats on the mention and thank you for spilling the secrets! I need to get on this! Here’s mine —


Congrats on the article. . .much deserved! Love your blog and Pinterest boards. I’m completely addicted to Pinterest also!


Thanks Lacey :)


I follow you on Pinterest and you definitely deserve the recognition. Your pin boards are always fun and a great source of inspiration.



I loved the article and the super sweet pic of you and Liz. I follow your blog daily and now I’m going to start following her’s too! Have a happy Thursday!



Congratulations! Great tips!


This is great congrats!


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