A Lacey Perspective: Kendra ScottA Lacey Perspective: Kendra ScottA Lacey Perspective: Kendra ScottA Lacey Perspective: Kendra ScottA Lacey Perspective: Kendra ScottA Lacey Perspective: Kendra Scott

Pink Necklace | Pink Earrings | Pink Ring

Gold Studded Ring

Silver Cuff

Statement Necklace

White Bracelet

Cocktail Ring (created at Color Bar)
A Lacey Perspective: Kendra Scott

As a gal from Texas I was always aware of Kendra Scott, and its popularity, but never gravitated towards it myself.

Now that Kendra Scott just opened their first DC area store I have started to look at them with fresh eyes. Their newest fall line (the majority of the items in the pics above) is so unique and each one makes its own statement. Needless to say, I am now a Kendra Scott convert.

When the Washington Literacy Center (an organization I am on the Junior Board for) asked me to host a Kendra Scott event I of course said yes!

Two weeks from today I will be hanging out (and of course shopping) at Kendra Scott Bethesda with 20% of all proceeds going towards WLC! Shopping with a great cause, bubbly (duh) and hanging with me. What a fun Tuesday, right?! I hope you can join me!
A Lacey Perspective: Kendra Scott

Photos by Amanda Reynolds / Plume Photography

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I am pretty sure this is a typo, but in the post it says you are “not” a Kendra Scott convert (I have a feeling it was supposed to be “now”).


You are correct. Good catch! Fixed. :)



Adore these photos!

xo Jessica


I am with you, Lacey! This new line is awesome. I have a few KS pieces from subscription boxes, but I need to get my hands on these new rings! Adore!



I love that her stuff adds little pops of color to looks! I’m excited for the new fall line

C’s Collection | http://chelseascollection.com


Clicking on the photo didn’t bring me to the original post. Is it a glitch?


Im sorry. I’m confused on what you are looking for.



I love your butterfly dress. If I may ask, what is the brand of the dress and where did you get it?


It’s old ChicWish.


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