A Lacey Perspective: Legs DayA Lacey Perspective: Legs Day A Lacey Perspective: Legs DayA Lacey Perspective: Legs Day

Sneakers {Nike c/o Famous Footwear} | Socks {Nike c/o Famous Footwear} | Tank {New Balance} *on sale!* | Sports Bra {c/o Le Mystere} | Shorts {} | Jacket {Mondetta} | Headphones {c/o Frends} | Water Bottle {Nike} *on sale!* | Arm Band {Nike} | Sunglasses {Ray Ban}A Lacey Perspective: Legs Day

Y’all, my obsession with work out clothes has gotten a bit out of control. Maybe it’s my assistant Abby’s love for fitness, or Hallie‘s 4am SnapChats heading to SoulCycle or that I am a member of a fabulous gym. Whatever it is I am madly in love with the gym lately. I know what you are thinking… HA! Yeah right. Who loves going to the gym? I personally used to make fun of those people but I may be becoming one of them.

I have even started a Pinterest Board filled with fitness inspiration. Told you it is getting out of control.

Lastly, and most importantly, for all my larger chested gals I cannot express enough how much I LIVE for Le Mystere and this sports bra is no exception. If you are in the market for a new pair of kicks, and in the DC area, Famous Footwear just opened a new store in King George, Virginia!

The number of activewear pieces I want in the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale is cray, but here are my must haves:


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Get it, girl. : )


Your legs look awesome! Clearly you aren’t just wearing workout clothes to go grocery shopping :) Keep up the hard work!

~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life


After I saw these sunny pictures I honestly want to scream “I want to join in the sport” .
You look just gorgeous in your sport equipment and every part from it in lovely combination!
Even I can feel your strong spirit!
Kisses, Susan!

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