A Lacey Perspective: My Favorite At Home Workouts

With everyone having to stay at home during this scary, uncertain time I have been using workouts to keep me sane. Sometimes I’ll sneak out back of my building into an alley to workout in some fresh air, but overall I’m trying to get some movement in every day (even if it’s just walking my pug, Daisy).

I want to make sure that I make it very clear that I am not promoting you must use this at-home time to lose weight and get fit. Do whatever makes you happy right now. Things are so uncertain so what matters most is self care however you need it.

On that note, my style of workouts I prefer are low impact since I have bad knees from an old dance injury. Also, workouts that promote long and lean not bulking. I typically gravitate towards workouts that have a yoga or dance vibe to it so this list will reflect that…


Pamela Reif
She is by far my favorite You Tube workout influencer. Her workouts are short but very intense and her music choices are fantastic. She always has a timer in the top right corner and will tell you what move is coming next right above it. My absolute favorite is her ‘10 Min Sixpack Workout‘ video. It is her top video (I’m talking 30 plus million views) and there is a reason for it. I try to use this at least three times a week. I’m still getting to know her other videos but will update as I fall in love with others.

30 Minute Cardio-Boxing Workout
This is BY FAR the most intense at-home cardio workout I’ve ever done. If you are truly following along with the pace you will feel the burn. Trust me. If you want to make it more intense add weights. I shoot to use this once a week to really get a full body workout and cardio in one.

PopSugar Fitness
This channel is my go-to for quick, free workouts. If you are on a tight budget right now I would just live on this channel for your workouts.

Monthly Fee:

Mellisa Wood Health
$9.99/month – (Free for 7 Days)
This is my current obsession during this quarantine time. Her workouts are a burn (with or without weights), and her overall vibe is just calming and positive. She also has several meditation videos as well that I have been using often (specifically the ‘..to Let Go’ one).

Alo Moves
$20/month – (Free for 14 Days)
I would not necessarily suggest this app for someone that has never practiced yoga before, but if you have dabbled in it before this is quite a source for many, many types.

Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness BBG
$20/month – (1 Free Trial)
This BBG craze was something I gave into last year and I must say it was not 100% for me. But the reason I am adding it on this list is if you are typically a gym rat kinda gal then this place will give you a similar vibe of circuit training. I like a must more light vibe and a little less race to the finish.

The Sculpt Society
$19.99/month – (Free for 14 Days)
These workouts are dance based so you know I loved them. Definitely brightens your mood.


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