A Lacey Perspective: FitVine

This post is sponsored by FitVine, but all opinions are my own.

As I mentioned last week, I have made major changes to my health/fitness journey over the last year while not sacrificing some of my my favorite foods and drinks. I have began to just make small changes that have added up to a big difference.


After looking a bit deeper into different wines I discovered a new brand I will be adding to the list, FitVine. FitVine made a wine for those who are active, have dietary restrictions, or are just looking for a better fit. When I found them at Whole Foods I saw they use less sugar, have fewer carbs, and fewer calories! Count. Me. In. I love FitVine because it fits so easily in my healthy and active lifestyle. After a long hike with Ashley we reached for FitVine Prosecco to celebrate because it was guilt free and perfectly crisp. I highly suggest their Prosecco to celebrate or Aleberiño for a crisp, citrus forward perfect-for-summer wine.

A Lacey Perspective: My Favorite Healthier/Skinny Drinks

Bored of Water

In the middle of the day when I am craving something sweet, or getting bored of water, I typically reach for My Zero Calorie Sweet Tea, Orange LaCroix or a fresh squeezed juice (You can get a juicer pretty cheap on Amazon!)

Drink Up Buttercup

When I’m looking for a fun summer cocktail I’ll use My Zero Calorie Sweet Tea, splash in a low calorie Lemonade with my favorite vodka. Boom! You have a very, very low calorie John Daly (Arnold Palmer with Vodka).

Want a lower calorie mimosa to spice up your brunch or socially distant picnic? Use FitVine’s Prosecco and squeeze in a fresh orange!

Find FitVine at a store near you here: bit.ly/2DA6ZgA

This post was sponsored by FitVine. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep ALP’s doors open.

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