My Favorite Inexpensive Wines

On my old site one of my most viewed blog posts was my favorite inexpensive wines. If you follow me on Instagram you know I love a glass of wine to end my day but also, just like me style, I love a high/low moment.

When it comes to needing to grab a bottle at the grocery store or my local liquor store I have my under $20 go tos…

Red – Mark West Pinot Noir
Rosé – La Vielle Ferme
White – Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc
Sparkling – LaMarca Prosecco

But I must say my current favorite wine has not been coming from a grocery store, it’s been coming from my new obsession Wines Til Sold Out. WTSO is a leading online wine platform with over 26 million bottles sold. Think getting a beautiful $80 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for only $20 or less. It really is a wine lovers dream. Their strong relationships they formed within the wine world, from bonds with small producers to collaborations with large and well-known brands, allow them to deliver authentic and high-quality bottles to homes across the United States.

My favorite section in WTSO is their Last Call section. This section has wines starting at $9.99! Can you believe it!? I absolutely cannot recommend enough getting in on my wine secret, WTSO. And you KNOW I got y’all a discount code. Use code ‘Lacey20’ for $20 off all new customer orders over $60!

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