Honestly I never thought there was going to be a day I would be writing a blog post with an image of my body’s before and after. I have been active my entire life. From dance to soccer to any other sport I could get my hands on since I was very little I have always enjoyed being on the move. But once I turned 30 my metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be and a strong bout of depression due to a major change in my life took over. Consequently, I had found myself at the largest I have ever been in my life (specifics on the amount I lost is at the end of this post).

Now granted, I want to make sure I say that I by NO MEANS was large, but my body and mind was overall unhealthy and in turn body aches and pains appeared I had never experienced before.

After some major changes in my life I realized it was time to make some big changes…

Re-Adjust My Relationship With Food

Since I have always been active I never really had to think about what I eat. To be honest, I have just over the last few years really expanded my palette from plain, beige food. I would eat maybe one or two large meals a day then snack. Once I started to educate myself on my calorie intake (I share the app I use to track my meals, workouts, water intake and weight on this blog post) and discover three meals I truly love it got easier to eat properly.

Small Changes in the Type of Food I Eat

Like I said, I love pretty basic, kid-like food and have only over the last few years expanded my palette, and to be able to still eat what I love I have made small changes so I still get to eat what I love but with a healthier twist. For example, Cauliflower Gnocchi (see my Trader Joe’s favorites here) instead of pasta. Replacing sugary, high calorie sweet tea that I love with my Zero Calorie Sweet Tea I created. When I am craving a pizza I reach for Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza. When I want tacos I reach for lower carb, whole wheat tortillas and replace sour cream with a plain greek yogurt. All of these small changes make a big difference in my calorie intake. I share my meals most days over on my Instagram Stories and have a list of My Favorite Easy Skinny Recipes on a blog post here.

Set Goals I Can Actually Meet

Now this may seem odd but you can’t overdue it with your goals. I didn’t lose the weight in a couple months, it was over a year and change. Can you accomplish this faster? Absolutely. But for my mental health I wanted this to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Also, you can’t just on a whim decide to completely alter your lifestyle so abruptly. Easing into this change is not only important but also over healthier.

I wanted this to be a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Find a Workout I Actually Enjoy

This part is always hard for me because I get bored easily, and with most gyms being closed for this year I had to dig around to find a couple workouts that wouldn’t bore me and are actually enjoyable. I have a full blog post on my favorite at home workouts here. I shoot to workout five times a week but don’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen.

Learn to Love Water

This may seem silly but I had to learn to love water. It took me investing in a water bottle that is large so that my ounce intake was close to half my body weight (ie. If you weight 120lbs you should drink 60 ounces of water a day.) and would keep my water cold all day. This one is currently my favorite. Trying to keep to my water ounces goal each day has helped me not only lose weight, but stay healthy and I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin too!

A Lacey Perspective: My Health/Fitness Journey

Over a year and some change I lost a little over 15 pounds. I am now back to what I refer to as my “dancing weight” and have seen a dramatic decrease in body aches and pains. Also, perhaps most importantly, I have felt less anxiety and bouts of depression popping up.

Overall, I have to say that that this lifestyle change was not an easy one but so very glad I did. Set looks aside, because that is truly not what matters, I FEEL better and that to me is the real win.

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I think you looked great in 2018 as well, but 2020 look is definitely more fit. I think what matters is how we feel in our skin. That being said, exercise is always good for our health and being fit is always a good thing.

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