A Lacey Perspective: Self Tanner Favorites

First and foremost I should say I tan pretty easily (Thanks genes!), but when I am pale I am really paleeeee. I feel like I am so much more confident with a tan but the idea of a self tan (without a professional) scares the sh*t outta me. I’m such a perfectionist that the smallest spot missed would drive me insane. Needless to say I was very nervous to even dabble into the world of an at home self tan. I eased myself in with gradual tanning lotions (See my favorite below.) where I felt like making mistakes was close to impossible. I was just not getting the deep tan I get on my own when I’m out in the sun and since DC is still in its “stay at home orders” I figured now is the time to suck it up and try the real darn thing. After some digging I have found my favorite self tanner! The price is right, it doesn’t streak, 100% vegan and doesn’t give me that Trump orange look…

Favorite Self Tanner for the At Home Pro – Bali Self Dark Tanning Moose

This baby is it. Enriched with soothing chamomile extract, antioxidant coffee seed extract & rejuvenating pomegranate extract to leave your skin looking not only flawless, but feeling hydrated & glowing and it’s 100% vegan. What more can a girl ask for!? I tried Bali’s Dark Self Tanning Moose for the first time with a tanning mitt (a must purchase) and it went on so easy and smooth. It was a breeze (even got my back no problem)! Below is my (no filter) before and after. The bottle says if you want something darker to wait 30 minutes for your first layer to dry and add a second. I will be giving that a try asap! They also have an extra dark I may give a go once summer arrives. Last, but not least, it doesn’t have that terrible fake tan smell. There is a scent but more like a vacation (Remember those?) than a strong chemical smell.

A Lacey Perspective: Self Tanner Favorites

Favorite Self Tanner for the At Home Novice – Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Jergen’s Natural Glow Firming Treatment gradually tans (and claims to firm) your skin. You get a subtle full color tan in just one week (contains mica to give skin a subtle shimmer). This product is where I started when I first began dabbling into the self tan world. Don’t bother with the medium or light it does literally nothing at all. Even my palest girls get the medium/dark only.


Self Tanner Tips & Tricks:

Always exfoliate and shave before you start your self tan.

Moisturize your knees, elbows, hands and feet before you self tan.

Avoid water contact for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours after the tanning session. Yes this includes sweaty workouts.

Get your tan to last long by moisturizing daily. It will slow down the drying process and helps in slow fading of the tan. Not all moisturizer is good for a spray tan. You DON’T want products with mineral oil, perfumes, paraben, essential oils, alcohol etc. I use this lotion daily (cheap and can be found on Amazon or at your local drug store).

Now don’t forget your body wash should also have a similar lack of above. I use this body wash (Also found on Amazon or your local drug store).

For the bath lovers like me… a bath will be fine as long as the water is warm not scalding hot, the soaking time is not very long, you avoid bars of soap and you only rub your skin gently with a cotton cloth (No loofas or heavy scrubbing allowed). The real goal here is to avoid any skin exfoliation.

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