I am leaving for NYFW tomorrow and between my day job (hello 2014 election cycle) and writing packing lists (what the heck does one wear in “wintery mix” weather?!) I truly think my brain may explode.

I have been leaning extremely heavily on my my Pinterest ‘Passion for Fashion (F/W)‘ & ‘Runway F/W‘ boards for inspiration. The pin that is really inspiring me is this one from JCrew Fall/Winter 2012:

JCrew Winter 2012

Speaking of Fashion Week, I have some amazing things cooking up with Cathy while we are there, so make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter to catch my adventure!

On the blessed side, I am so glad to finally share that Washington Life Magazine has named me one of “Washington’s Most Influential 40-and-Under Leaders”. It has never happened that I have been acknowledged for both my work in my day job and ALP in one feature. I am truly so honored!

A Lacey Perspectivexo
Lacey :)


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Congratulations! It’s nice to know that it’s okay to be a nerd at your job and care about fashion. Safety in numbers! And as a self-proclaimed “data nerd” I use that term with nothing but kindness and flattery.



Congrats! That is so exciting! Oh, and have a blast this week in NY!


Have fun at NYFW:) <3



So jealous that you are at NYFW! And congrats on the Washington Life Magazine article!





Lacey – You are very genuinely an inspiration to me, not just with style and trying new things, but with pursuing my goals and developing myself. Many congratulations to you!


GO YOU! That is such an accomplishment!


Congratulations Lacey

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