A Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How ToA Lacey Perspective: Twisty UpDp How To

The above hair style has been my constant for as long as I have had short hair. For the majority of my life I have had short hair, so I am much more versed in short hair styles than long. This is the best summer up-do to keep cool. Add some volume to the top for a more formal look or do larger pieces and pin for a more sleek work look (I typically do four large coils in the bottom center for work).

What you need:
Hair brush {c/o GHD} | Straightener {c/o GHD} | Bobby Pins {many} | Hairspray {L’Oreal Elnett}

Step One: Start with straight hair. This is typically my day two hair style.
Step Two: Use your straightener to curl your hair under. This will help the ends of your hair curl towards your head later on.
Step Three: Pull an inch of your hair from your part (wherever you have it placed) to the back.
Step Four: Use your finger to hold the piece you pulled back down right behind your head (just passed your ear). Then begin to twist the end of the piece with your other hand until it coils.
Step Five: Bobby pin the twist. This does not need to be perfect.
Step Six: Pull back the second part of what is left hanging in the front. I like to lay the piece over my wear to soften the front of the style. Than repeat the twist and pin in the back like step four.
Step Seven: Continue twisting one inch pieces of your hair until they coil and then pin.
Step Eight: No need to pin it perfectly this look is not meant to be perfect. Continue to twist and pin.
Step Nine: This is what half way will look like. Continue working from top to bottom.
Step Ten: Spray all over to keep fly aways down and pin as needed.

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Will be recreating this stat — I’ve been looking for ways to keep my shorter hair off of my neck on steamy days, great how-to!




I wear my hair in a very similar fashion much of summer- looks great on you!


I had my hair done in a similar fashion for my prom…a very, very long time ago. I remember the stylist used actual hair pins, and would bend one side once it was placed to keep it in. I also remember how it took just as long to take them all out as it did to put them in, and the huge pile of pins when I finally found them all. Thanks for reminding me of my favorite big-dance hairstyle!


So glad for this tutorial!



So glad you like it!

Lacey :)


Definitely going to try this sometime. Great tutorial!


OHHH I usually do this with braids but Im liking the twists for a change. Me likey! Oh and Im chopping off my hair… a tad longer than yours though. My face needs length… its wide lol

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