Draper JamesDraper JamesDraper JamesDraper JamesDraper JamesDraper James

Cape {c/o Draper James} | Body Suit {H&M} *on sale!* | Jeans  {c/o Draper James} | Tote {c/o Draper James} | Chocker {Chan Luu c/o South Moon Under} | Booties {Zara} | Sunnies {Dior} | Lipstick {NARS}Draper James

As I’m sure you can believe, DC gets a little cray cray during election season. It’s more than a world altering process but it’s treated almost like a sport. Watch parties for each and every debate, constant conversation on the issues and of course a “who’s side are you on” talk everywhere you turn. I personally love it and if there is one thing I, and all of DC, want you to do is get out and vote.


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